The UN Secretary-General recalled that the initial phase of a review of CEB’s role and functioning had been undertaken between 2007 and 2009, under the aegis of the Directors-General of ILO and WTO.  It had been agreed then to take up the matter again, in a few years’ time, to assess the implementation of decisions taken and revisit outstanding issues.  The UN Secretary-General decided, at the start of his second term, to propose the launch the second phase of the review and asked the Director-General of UNESCO and the Executive Director of UNFPA, to take up this task.  He added that the second phase would include the review of the consolidation of the CEB Secretariat in New York, pursuant to General Assembly resolution A/C.5/66/L.18.


The Board concurred with the proposal and noted that the UN Secretary-General would write to members outlining the terms of reference for the exercise.  Ms. Bokova and Mr. Osotimehin would be consulting the membership in the coming months, with a view to report back to the Secretary-General in the second half of the year.  The final outcome of the review would be taken up by the Board at its Spring 2013 session.