The Committee recalled that it had agreed to support and complement the preparatory process towards a post-2015 development agenda by assisting CEB in fostering system-wide coherence and addressing, in an integrated manner, challenges and opportunities faced by the UN system in defining its own role and contribution within a changed development policy environment. In this context, HLCP, at its previous session, had prepared an issues paper to provide thought leadership and critical analysis for further reflection by CEB on the institutional and policy implications of a transformative and universal post-2015 development agenda with sustainable development at its core. Key among the challenges identified was the need for coherent integration of policies across the three dimensions of sustainable development within the broad context of the UN’s mandate of peace and security, development, human rights and the rule of law.


In opening the discussion on this item, the Chair noted HLCP’s unique role in supporting CEB in the discharge of its functions by reflecting on the fitness for purpose of the UN system within the context of a rapidly-changing external environment. The UN system was confronted with an important process that, once completed, had the potential of fundamentally shifting development policy and practices over the next two decades. In particular, HLCP had an important contribution to make to assist CEB in articulating and advocating a shared understanding of the key tenets and fundamental principles of the post-2015 development agenda.


The Committee agreed that, under the leadership of its Vice Chair, the four papers, plus a fifth on the data revolution, would be refashioned, taking into account the discussion under this item and written comments, and would be shared both with UNDG and HLCM for consideration at their upcoming sessions. While HLCP would focus on the “what,” the other pillars would delve deeper into the “how”. The chapeau would be a joint contribution of all three pillars, as a basis for discussion by CEB at its first regular session of 2014. HLCP further suggested that CEB might wish to set forth a time frame for a joint statement as a clarion call on the post-2015 development agenda at its second regular session of 2014.