The Chairman of the High-level Committee on Management (HLCM) briefed CEB on the outcome of the Committee’s discussion on the matter. A policy statement was recommended for adoption by CEB, contained in annex I to the present report. The Board was further informed that the issues involved were currently being discussed in the Fifth Committee of the General Assembly, which was expected to reach shortly agreement on a decision on the matter.


In the ensuing discussion, the importance of ensuring that staff members were treated in an equitable, non-discriminatory manner was generally reconfirmed. A number of Executive Heads indicated that they would have to put the proposed elements of the policy to their governing bodies.


The Board noted the general principles of policy on domestic partnerships submitted by HLCM. It requested the Committee to inform CEB at its next session of developments in that regard, including the decision to be adopted by the General Assembly, relevant outcomes of agency governing bodies, the experience of organizations applying the policy, as well as other implications.