USG Starr provided the Committee with a detailed presentation on the new SLS, as already endorsed by the IASMN and the Steering Committee for Safety and Security. The new system represented a major step forward in addressing the shortcomings of the current security phase system which offered a better way to rate threats, fostered collaboration at all levels to determine appropriate mitigating measures and promoted transparency and consultations with Host Governments.  The proposed date for full implementation of the new SLS is 1 January 2011. Recognizing that training was vital to its successful implementation, DSS had prioritized its training programme and made provision for financial resources to be met within its existing biennial budget to complete training on the new SLS by 31 October 2010.


The USG, DSS notified HLCM that the new security level system would be delinked from decisions regarding the relocation/evacuation of staff and eligible dependants, thus no longer automatically triggering security-related entitlements associated with those decisions. In response to concerns raised by HLCM members on this change, USG Starr clarified that, under the new system, as with the current phase system, decisions to relocate/evacuate would still rest with the DO and SMT at the country level.  These decisions would be informed by the Security Risk Management process which encompassed both the SLS and the Security Risk Assessment (SRA) which would also determine the possible availability of mitigation measures.


The Committee:

  • Adopted the new Security Level System that replaces the existing Security Phase System throughout the UN Security Management System, and approved the proposed schedule of implementation, on the understanding that there would be a concurrent process to address the administrative issues that need to be clarified.
  • Requested DSS to produce a detailed implementation schedule, including training, and to establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to assess the functioning of the new system.
  • Requested the HR Network to establish a taskforce, to include representatives from DSS, to examine, as a priority, human resources issues related to the operationalisation of the new Security Level System, specifically with regard to issues of relocation, evacuation, hazard pay and other security-related entitlements.
  • Requested that all relevant UN Security Policy and Agency, Fund, Programme and Organisation documentation be amended by the official implementation date, to reflect the new SLS.