The Committee recalled that CEB, at its first regular session in April of 2013, endorsed a set of outcomes and recommendations prepared by HLCP, under the leadership of IOM and UNFPA, which was shared with Member States in advance of the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (3-4 October 2013). A joint CEB publication, International Migration and Development: Contributions and Recommendations of the International System, was also launched in the margins of the event.


In the subsequent discussion, HLCP members expressed appreciation to ILO for its leadership of GMG and welcomed the consensus report. Implementation of the outcome of the High-level Dialogue was considered an important activity of the UN system and GMG was seen as an essential mechanism in this regard. Some HLCP members pointed to individual initiatives to advance the integration of migration into their work programmes, including in the areas of remittances, migrants at sea, and women and girl migrants. It was noted, however, that the issue of political and economic migration needed to be more systematically addressed by the UN system.

HLCP members commended the spirit of the two strategic recommendations included in the synthesis paper and took note of the examples for mainstreaming of migration and the human rights of migrants into the activities of the UN system. Some members expressed reservations concerning some of the formulations of the recommendations. In this context, ongoing efforts by ECOSOC in addressing migration issues, and the role of the QCPR in guiding the UN system’s work at the country level were pointed out. The Committee agreed that migration and the special needs of migrants were priority issues that warranted emphasis in the post-2015 development agenda but cautioned against CEB advocating for a particular sustainable development goal on migration, noting the ongoing inter-governmental deliberations.


With the understanding that HLCP’s views would be conveyed to GMG for reflection in a revised synthesis report on follow-up action taken by the UN system to the High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, the Committee recommended the report to CEB for its consideration at the Board’s first regular session in 2014. (Revised synthesis report is included in Annex V.)