The Chairperson of the Working Group on Inter Agency Mobility presented the Group’s report which included:

Proposals to replace the current “loan” and “secondment” arrangements by a more flexible “customized” set of arrangements using a template approach.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

  • Endorsed the general approach put forward by the working group to replace current “loan” and “secondment” arrangements with a more flexible “customized” inter-agency mobility accord. This would be based on the template that is attached to this report as Annex 4 and which would enable all the parties concerned to decide on the elements to be contained in each particular agreement;
  • Requested that the Working Group complete its work as soon as possible in particular in respect of the inter-agency accord and the template;
  • Considered that the development of the senior management service  - which it had endorsed at its Fifth Session – should be a major focus for the enhanced mobility of managers;
  • Requested that the secretariat ensure that work being pursued by UNDG in this area be fed into the Working Group;
  • Also requested that the Secretariat establish base-line data on the number of inter agency transfers, loans and secondments in recent years;
  • Called upon all organizations to further harmonize entitlements in respect of hardship and non family duty stations;
  • In this context, noted the introduction of a lump sum for shipments by some agencies and requested that the HR Network urgently bring forward proposals for system-wide application of such an approach;
  • Took note of action being pursued in respect of spouse employment, in particular with two private sector not-for-profit initiatives ( and Permits Foundation).