CEB had an exchange of views on (a) the contribution of the High-level Dialogue to the strengthening of international cooperation and to the global dialogue on international migration as a key component of development in both developing and developed countries and (b) ways to optimize the system’s contribution to its follow-up in relation to both advocacy and analytical and technical support.

In opening the discussion, the Secretary-General noted that the High-level Dialogue had shown that the issue of migration and development, considered for years to be too sensitive to debate at the United Nations, could indeed be addressed constructively at the global level and that it was in fact easier at that level to approach migration through a prism of opportunity rather than fear.

The Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs thanked the Secretary-General for his leadership on the issue and briefed the Board on the steps being taken to ensure effective follow-up to the High-level Dialogue.


In the ensuing discussions, executive heads briefed the Board on their ongoing activities, recording, in some cases, their interest in being more closely associated with the work of the Global Migration Group. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, in his capacity as Chair of the Global Migration Group, stressed the importance of effective cooperation between the global forum as an intergovernmental body and the Global Migration Group as an inter-agency mechanism that was well placed to support the forum, particularly in the areas of policy development and capacity-building.


The Secretary-General noted that, despite the difficult issues involved, the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development had opened new avenues for progress and for advancing the goals of the United Nations system. He urged all to remain united in supporting the follow-up process and in fully seizing the opportunities it offered for promoting development and international understanding.