In introducing the note on this item, the representative of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs informed the Committee that the General Assembly, pursuant to resolution 63/232, had decided to shift from a triennial to a quadrennial cycle for its comprehensive policy review of operational activities for development. The next review would thus be held in 2012. The political backdrop for that decision was the concern to better synchronize the timing of the preparation of the strategic plans of United Nations system organizations with the comprehensive policy review.


The Committee thanked the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and UNCTAD for their presentation and contribution to its work in the area of science and technology. It endorsed the proposal to amend and expand the terms of reference of the United Nations Group on the Information Society, with a view to making science and technology a prominent feature, under the joint leadership of ITU, UNCTAD and UNESCO. It would, at its next session, review a report by UNGIS containing recommendations on how the United Nations system might best respond to resolution 62/208 with regard to strengthening its role in facilitating access by developing countries to new and emerging technologies, as well as to mainstreaming science and technology, including information and communications technology, in national development or poverty reduction strategies, in accordance with the priorities of countries.