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The Committee recalled that, at its 23rd session, HLCP agreed to include human rights policy coherence as a regular agenda item, as and when required. HLCP, at its current session, took up its first in-depth consideration of human rights under the leadership of OHCHR.


The Committee welcomed the progress made on mainstreaming human rights in the work of the UN system and thanked OHCHR for its leadership. In the subsequent discussion, members suggested that in addition to mainstreaming, stronger accountability mechanisms were necessary to ensure adherence to human rights principles across the UN system, as well as efforts to embed a human-rights centered culture among staff.


  • The Committee recommends that CEB reaffirm its commitment to the human rights principles of the United Nations, as established in the United Nations Charter and codified in the human rights conventions and declarations adopted under United Nations auspices and as contained in the Secretary-General’s “Renewed Commitment to the United Nations Founding Purposes”.
  • The Committee recommends that CEB recognize the responsibility of the United Nations system as a whole to uphold international norms and standards for human rights in its dialogue with Member States, and in cooperation with all other partners, to the extent permitted under the respective mandates, powers and responsibilities entrusted to UN system entities by their membership.
  • The Committee recommends that this should include a commitment to take all necessary action to prevent wide-spread war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and other serious violations of human rights; to ensure that all that is done in the fields of development, economic, social and environmental affairs, peace and security, humanitarian affairs, or diplomacy, is directed to advancing the UN’s human rights mission, and, at the very least, does nothing to undermine it; and commit to due diligence in the exercise of official duties and in the implementation of mandates.
  • The Committee further recommends that CEB consider and support the SG’s “Rights up Front” action plan, to strengthen the UN’s role in protecting people in crises.
  • The Committee proposes that CEB task the HLCP with remaining seized of the “Rights up Front” plan of action and its implementation.
  • The Committee recommends that CEB endorse the Secretary-General’s call for a post-2015 development agenda built on the principles of human rights, equality and environmental and social sustainability.
  • Finally, the Committee recommends that CEB take up the issue of human rights in order to address these and related human rights questions.