The Co-Chair of the HLCM Strategic Group on reconciling the “duty of care” briefed the Committee on the progress made by the Working Group.

The work of the Strategic Group was divided into two phases. In the first phase, five analytical sub-Working Groups were established to analyse the following five high-risk environments: Syria, Haiti, Ebola-affected countries, Afghanistan and Mali/Somalia, with the aim of identifying duty of care issues. In the second phase, two thematic sub-Working Groups would be set up to address the issues identified in phase one and to develop recommendations.

The five analytical sub-Working Groups have started their data collection. The analysis would include elements such as programme criticality, security risk management, programme budget planning, safety and security of premises, as well as staff awareness and understanding of risks. The sub-Working Groups have provided the Chair with a number of preliminary findings and will present the results of the data collection and analysis by early April 2015. The final report on phase one will be provided to the Chair by mid-April 2015.


Following the discussion, the Committee thanked the Co-Chair of the Strategic Group for the update and emphasized the importance of including locally recruited staff in the scope of the Working Group, also in consideration of the fact that local staff are often recruited in regions different from the regions in which they are stationed, which has implications for their duty of care at the location where they serve.


The Committee:

  • Took note of the progress that is being made by the HLCM Strategic Group and expressed appreciation for its work.
  • Reiterated organizations’ commitment to take steps to fulfil the duty of care towards all their personnel, particularly when deployed to high risk environments.
  • Committed to continue to extend support to the HLCM Working Group on Duty of Care.