At its meeting in February 2010, the Committee expressed concern at the number of activities being undertaken by the four technical networks, and the risk of gaps and overlaps, potentially resulting in a lack of focus. The Committee therefore requested the CEB Secretariat to undertake a survey among HLCM members to prioritize the activities under the purview of each Network.

The results of the survey were included in an updated “Overview of HLCM Activities” (CEB/2010/HLCM/25 ), inclusive of a section on UNDG Activities so as to provide a complete picture of the work carried out within the CEB Framework in the area of management and administration.

The results of the Survey showed relative coherence of the HLCM priorities with those currently identified as such by the individual Networks, through their internal mechanisms. On such basis, resource implications for individual organizations would remain unchanged, as linked to their participation in the various Networks and working groups.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee:

Took note of the proposed prioritization of activities in the areas of finance and budget, human resources, information and communication technology and procurement, as reflected in document CEB/2010/HLCM/25.

Urged its Networks to develop and re-adjust their programmes of work accordingly, with a clear focus on the priorities identified and agreed.

Underlined the need for the results of the Survey to be seen in conjunction with the Implementation Plan for the recommendations of the HLCM-UNDG joint mission, as approved at the joint HLCM-UNDG session of 27 September and reflected in document CEB/2010/HLCM-UNDG/1/Add.1. In this context, further prioritization of activities may be necessary.

Re-affirmed the commitment by member organizations to take on the responsibility of leading and supporting activities within each Network, through working groups organized in clusters of interested organizations.

Requested the CEB Secretariat to develop a prioritized HLCM programme of work, on the basis of the results of the Survey and of the Implementation Plan for the recommendations of the HLCM-UNDG joint mission, for consideration by the Committee at its next session.