The High-level Committee on Management had been discussing the issue of the harmonization and reform of business practices primarily with a view to respond to programme priorities, rather than led by bureaucratic considerations, following a clear business logic with demonstrated system-wide benefits.  The  action plan would be further developed by a working group led by WHO and submitted to the Board for approval at its fall 2007 session.


Strong support was expressed for this initiative as an important element of the drive towards greater system-wide coherence. It was recalled that the harmonization of business practices had emerged as a central recommendation of the High-level Panel on System-wide Coherence.


The Board endorsed the initiative of the High-level Committee on Management on the development of the proposed action plan and decided to revert to the matter at its next meeting. In this context, the Board also endorsed the proposal of the High-level Committee on Management for the preparation of a detailed study by the CEB secretariat on the functioning of the International Civil Service Commission.