The ongoing analytical work carried out by the Committee on artificial intelligence and the future of work pointed to the critical role of education and learning in guiding societies to adapt.


A discussion paper prepared jointly by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and UNESCO in consultation with interested entities. The paper focused in particular on the transformative power of innovative technologies and the important role of learning and education in preparing current and future generations for the new realities and demands they would create. The paper examined the opportunities for innovative technologies to enhance learning and education and outlined options for mitigating the challenge of innovative technologies for learning and education. The paper contained recommendations for the United Nations system to help to realize an optimal future for learning and education, including: (a) support countries in making the best use of information and communications technology and other innovative technologies for learning and strengthening education systems; (b) emphasize the use of technology to promote learning throughout the life cycle; (c) provide guidance in the use of new and innovative technologies to address the data gaps in education and gain new insights from enhanced data analysis; (d) ensure that Governments are well equipped to manage the risks of the greater use of new technologies for learning; and (e) support countries in ensuring that the potential gains from the production and use of new technologies are broadly shared, reducing existing inequalities and promoting inclusive learning opportunities.


The Committee supported the analysis and recommendations put forward in the discussion paper and approved it, subject to the incorporation of the comments made, for onward submission to CEB as an input to its forthcoming session. The Committee requested UNICEF and UNESCO to lead an inter-agency process to prepare a proposal for system-wide engagement on this topic for consideration at its thirty-sixth session.