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The representative of ILO introduced a progress report on the application of the Toolkit for Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work by CEB member organizations. The representative asked organizations to designate a focal point to facilitate timely completion of the self-assessment in compliance with the mandates of the Chief Executives Board and the Economic and Social Council. An important development was the release of the knowledge-sharing interactive web platform for collecting the relevant tools, knowledge and best practices of the entire system. ILO would be working with CEB organizations to assist in that task. A CD-ROM and an explanatory video, available on the ILO website, and the presentation of the toolkit at various international events and meetings had generated widespread interest, including among Governments, non-governmental organizations, parliamentarians and local authorities.


The Committee expressed appreciation to ILO for its efforts and noted that the toolkit was a practical outcome of system-wide collaboration in the policy area.