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The Committee recalled that the mandate of the HLCP Working Group on Climate Change was to be renewed at its current session. It also recalled that, at its 26th session in October 2013, it had requested the Working Group to present a list of concrete deliverables that would catalyze the UN system's support to Member States in their efforts to reach a legally-binding climate agreement in 2015, and to promote climate action on the ground. In response, the Working Group developed a draft Work Programme for 2014-2015 for HLCP’s review and approval (Annex III).


Introducing the proposed 2014-2015 Work Programme, the Group’s Chair, Elena Manaenkova, Assistant Secretary-General of WMO, stressed the urgency for climate action and the critical role of the UN system in supporting Member States through coordinated action. In recent years, the Working Group had contributed significantly to increased coherence and collaboration among UN organizations, including through facilitating joint initiatives and coordinating the engagement of the UN system at the UNFCCC COP meetings. Building on these achievements, the Group was now taking a more strategic approach to maximize the UN system’s support to Member States in addressing the climate challenge.

In the subsequent discussion, HLCP members acknowledged with appreciation the work of the Working Group and thanked Ms. Manaenkova for her leadership. The Committee also supported the extension of the Group’s mandate and endorsed the proposed Work Programme. In addition to expressing their interest in contributing to the implementation of the Work Programme, several HLCP members provided details on initiatives that addressed the linkages between climate change and their respective areas of work, including cities, migrants, technology transfer and health.


The Committee endorsed the 2014-2015 Work Programme of the HLCP Working Group on Climate Change (Annex III), extended the Group’s mandate for two years and requested the Group to draft Terms of Reference for review by HLCP at its next session.