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The Committee recalled that the mandate of the Working Group on Climate Change would be reviewed next spring at the Committee’s 27th session. However, the issue was taken up at this session given the need to catalyze the UN system’s support to Member States in their efforts to reach a climate agreement in 2015 and the 2014 Climate Summit under the leadership of the Secretary General.

In her briefing to the Committee, Elena Manaenkova, Chair of the Working Group, highlighted the historic opportunity provided by the convergence and culmination of major interrelated policy processes in 2015, namely the negotiation of a climate treaty under UNFCCC, a (post Hyogo) Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Sustainable Development Goals.


In the ensuing discussion, participants thanked Ms. Manaenkova for her presentation and her leadership as Chair of the Working Group. Several members emphasized the importance of the Working Group as a platform for fostering collaboration within the UN system. With reference to evidence on the urgency for action, the UNEP Emissions Gap Report was highlighted as another important input. Regarding future focus areas of the Working Group, participants suggested more emphasis should be placed on the energy-water-food nexus in the context of climate change; a further promotion of the gender aspects of climate change; more advocacy on the feasibility and
benefits of climate action; and stronger linkages with the post-2015 SDGs. Participants were also looking forward to the proposals of the Working Group regarding the UN system’s strategic role in addressing the climate challenge and welcomed the development of a Working Group strategy.


HLCP welcomed and took note of the briefing. The Committee recommended that the Working Group on Climate Change continue the development of a strategy on UN system support for climate action. HLCP would revert to this issue and review the Working Group’s mandate at the Committee’s 27th session.