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The Vice-Chair recalled the work undertaken by the High-level Committee on Programmes and CEB over the previous year. The focus was now on preparation of a common position for the fourteenth session of the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland, which should go deeper than the common position presented at the thirteenth session, held in Bali in December 2007, in the light of the ongoing negotiations under the Bali Action Plan. An initial outline of the anticipated position paper had been circulated for comments. The eventual document, to be distributed in Poznan, would inform the statement of the Secretary-General and help to ensure compatibility among the messages of other senior United Nations system officials.

There was briefings by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat and the Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team. Focal points of the various convening agencies presented key elements of the draft papers that had been submitted to the Committee on the respective focus and cross-cutting areas, in follow-up to the request by the Committee’s Climate Change Working Group at its 25 August meeting/videoconference. The Director of the CEB secretariat presented the United Nations system position paper outline that had been circulated for Poznan, noting that significant progress had been made over the last year.


Members provided comments on the draft outline for Poznan and the area-specific papers, as well as some broader observations. The overall format of the outline was widely welcomed. Participants stressed the importance of highlighting implementation, particularly of adaptation action for the most vulnerable, with a focus on children, women and the displaced, and taking into account the necessity of reducing risk for these populations, as to inject positive momentum into Poznan.


The Vice-Chair concluded the discussion of this item by thanking all for their work and comments. He summarized the way forward as follows:

  • Work would continue in both focus and cross-cutting areas, with all entities continuing to provide their inputs to the conveners, who should work on improving the respective papers. The papers would be useful as sources to draw from for Poznan, references for future work, best practices, and so on.
  • The United Nations system document for Poznan should be strategic, positive, politically sensitive and brief. Particular attention should be given to achieving the right tone and showing due sensitivity to parties’ concerns.
  • A draft of the Poznan document will be circulated to all for discussion and comments at a High-level Committee on Programmes Climate Change Working Group meeting on 10 October 2008. The paper would be revised and finalized after consideration by CEB.
  • The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat will provide a list of requested side events and themes, and will approach the concerned organizations to consult on merging these.
  • High-level Committee on Programmes members will consult within their organizations and with one another on the possibility of the United Nations Secretary-General being the sole speaker at the high-level segment of the fourteenth session of the Conference of the Parties, with other United Nations system executive heads present in Poznan speaking at the side event(s) on the CEB climate change initiative.
  • The human dimension, in all its aspects, would be advanced in United Nations system interventions and materials.
  • The online Inventory, which will be continuously updated, should be filled with current and correct data in the next few weeks.