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HLCP at its thirtieth session, had discussed a report presented by its Working Group on Climate Change on the achievements and gaps in coordination by the United Nations system in addressing climate change and the options for the way forward on climate action by the United Nations system.


The Committee concluded the following: (a)The Committee approved the draft common core principles for a United Nations system-wide approach to climate action, subject to the incorporation, as appropriate, of comments made during its thirty-first session, for endorsement by CEB at its first regular session of 2016 (see annex VI to the present report); (b)With the successful delivery of that concluding task, the Committee completed the term and mandate of its Working Group on Climate Change; (c)The Committee endorsed, in principle, the suggested priorities for coordinated action on climate by the United Nations system and requested that they be appropriately taken into account in the second-phase effort to develop, under the leadership of the senior officials representing UNDP, UNEP and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, a proposed road map for a possible comprehensive strategy, for consideration by the Committee at a future session.