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Further to the Board’s decision at its fall 2007 session, the High-level Committee on Programmes, in close cooperation with the Framework Convention secretariat and the Office of the Secretary-General, had prepared and was submitting, for the Board’s guidance, a draft report entitled “Acting on climate change: the United Nations delivering as one”, with a view to submit it to the Member States meeting in Poznan in December 2008, as work continued towards the development of a common framework for presentation at the Conference of the Parties to the Convention meeting in Copenhagen in 2009.  The document reflected the current state of affairs in the collective efforts of the United Nations system with regard to climate change and went beyond the document prepared for the Conference of the Parties in Bali in 2007. Most organizations had adopted a clear framework for action in their institutions; there had been agreement on five focus areas (adaptation; technology transfer; reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation; financing mitigation and adaptation action; and capacity-building) and four cross-cutting areas (climate knowledge: science, assessment, monitoring and early warning; supporting global, regional and national action; a climate neutral United Nations; and public awareness) identified by CEB for the United Nations system’s work. The groups corresponding to those areas had started to meet, had presented their work that would evolve into communities of practice, eventually achieving a coordinated preparation of activities and leading to delivering as one on programmes and joint projects


CEB members expressed their continuing commitment to collective efforts on climate change and provided views and guidance for the finalization of the draft report by the High-level Committee and on broader issues of United Nations system cooperation on climate change. They also indicated their intention to share the final report with their governing bodies.


The Board endorsed the draft report for the Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention in Poznan on the understanding that it would be revised to take into account the comments and suggestions made during the discussion.