David Veness, Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security, introduced the most recent component of the Department’s security training programme, entitled “Advanced security in the field”. Mr. Veness noted that ongoing instances of general insecurity, armed conflict and targeted violence against United Nations personnel placed United Nations organizations at greater risk than ever before and that the system needed to continue to be proactive and innovative in preparing staff to meet those challenges.


The Deputy Secretary-General thanked Mr. Veness and offered congratulations on the new training tool. He added that finding an appropriate funding mechanism for security had always proven difficult. However, until the Secretariat could persuade Member States to provide more central funding, the organizations of the system should not allow bureaucratic frustrations to get in the way of the strategic objective, which must be a first-class Department of Safety and Security able to keep personnel around the world safe.

The Secretary-General observed that costs for security would likely not decrease and that organizations of the United Nations family should seek together to approach Member States and appeal to them to re-examine the matter and ensure that proper funding mechanisms are in place.


CEB congratulated the Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security and expressed gratitude for his untiring efforts and the real progress being made in providing security and safety for the staff, premises and operations of organizations of the United Nations system around the world.