Executive Heads shared with the Secretary-General their views on the key themes and messages that should be given prominence in the Secretary-General’s report for the 2005 high-level meeting, focusing on their assessment of progress in implementing the United Nations Millennium Declaration and how this should be projected in the report; the key conditions for future progress in implementing the Declaration that the report should highlight; and how the report might best convey the contribution of the system to the implementation of the Declaration and the system’s vision of the way ahead.


Points highlighted in the course of the discussion included the following: People’s security as a cross-cutting goal should be placed at the forefront of the international community’s concerns; A proper balance should be struck between realism and hope and between progress and challenges; While the United Nations system is supporting the implementation by countries of the Millennium Declaration, the requisite resources needed for such implementation and support should be provided; Assessment of progress in implementing the Millennium Declaration should be based on facts, not on concepts and theories; An investment in the future of children was an investment in peace and security; It should be noted that 70 million more people were living in the world’s slums in the three years after the Millennium Declaration was adopted ; The Secretary-General’s report should speak not only to Governments but to peoples.


CEB members underscored the enormous political importance of the 2005 high-level event. The opportunity it offered the United Nations system to help shape its outcome should not be missed. HLCP was invited to continue its work on the accountability report, as well as to pursue discussions on the proposal of the Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

CEB decided to continue discussions on the focus and priorities of the Secretary-General’s report for the 2005 event in the context of the private meeting and revert to issues relating to the review of the implementation of the Millennium Declaration at its next session.