Further to the Board request at its Spring 2007 session, the United Nations Evaluation Group had prepared an approach for the evaluation of the one UN pilots, based on three-stage process, with the first major output to be an assessment of the evaluability of the “Delivering as one” initiative by March 2008. The second, a process evaluation of the pilot project experience, was anticipated by September 2009, and the final output, an evaluation of the results and impacts of the pilots, would be provided in 2011. While urging for an accelerated timeline, the High-level Committee on Programmes had endorsed the approach and was submitting to the Board for its endorsement.


The Board generally supported the proposed scope and process for the evaluation. Members of the Board agreed that there would be no additional pilots before the intergovernmental debate and evaluations of current pilots had been completed.


CEB endorsed the scope and process for the evaluation by UNEG and encouraged UNDG as well as members in a position to do so to contribute to the funding of the evaluation.