Financial Statitics: CEB/2009/6, CEB/2010/HLCM/6






This chart shows expenditure by category for individual agencies.

The chart does not account for any negative values (reversals) reported by organizations. Alternative views of the data are made available in the drop-down menu and drill-down links are provided when available. Please ensure that the desired reporting year is selected.

Negative values (reversals) were reported for this data-set:

Agency Year Expense Category Expenditure
UN 2016 Normative, Treaty-related and Knowledge creation activities 2,852,121,000
UN 2016 Humanitarian Assistance 1,925,690,000
UN 2016 Development Assistance 709,197,000
UN 2016 Technical Cooperation 188,584,000
UN 2016 Peace Operations 37,442,000

No reversals were reported for this data-set.

Note: As of 2017, the data includes an additional six entities (CTBTO, ICC, UNCDF, UNFCCC, UNRISD, UNSSC)