Financial Statitics: CEB/2009/6, CEB/2010/HLCM/6






This graph shows individual agencies' revenue, broken down by revenue type.

The chart presents a maximum of 100 values and does not account for any negative values (reversals) reported by organizations. Alternative views of the data are made available in the drop-down menu and drill-down links are provided when available. Please ensure that the desired reporting year is selected.

Agency Year Revenue type Revenue
ILO 2018 Assessed Contributions 386,793,588
ILO 2018 Project/Programme specific contributions 208,258,717
ILO 2018 Revenue from other activities 49,210,897
ILO 2018 Local resources 20,830,252
ILO 2018 Voluntary untied contributions 12,726,187
ILO 2018 In-kind earmarked contributions 7,386,914
ILO 2018 Voluntary Contributions pending earmarking 6,719,657

No reversals were reported for this data-set.

Note: As of 2017, the data includes an additional six entities (CTBTO, ICC, UNCDF, UNFCCC, UNRISD, UNSSC)