The fifth annual United Nations system Web4Dev conference, hosted by UNICEF in February 2009, brought together global thought leaders and innovators from the United Nations, academia, the development and private sectors to focus on the value of strategic partnerships, innovation and new technologies.

The process of writing the agenda initiated with the creation of a core committee. representing the interests of the UN system, experts from eight organizations set the direction and priorities for the fifth Web4Dev conference in New York. An online survey was undertaken for the purpose and together with lessons learnt from previous conferences, these were applied to the writing of an agenda spanning the interests of the community and the need to increase awareness on innovations. The task of writing the agenda was divided among UNICEF, for innovation themed presentations and the CEB Secretariat, which developed a series of knowledge sharing workshops.

This balance of innovation and knowledge sharing presentations facilitated the identification of opportunities in the context of challenges facing the UN system organizations. Meetings between the two camps at the end of each day also allowed participants to compare emerging opportunities with current needs and practices.