The Third Web for Development Conference was held at the United Nations, New York in November 2006. Organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information and the Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) in collaboration with a number of other Organizations, it was held in conjunction with the 18th Annual Conference and Exhibit of AIT Global, a global association of information technology professionals.

Topics explored in this conference included: the scope of the opportunity to ICT in all its forms, to advance worldwide economic and social development, particularly in Developing Nations; Service Oriented Architecture ; Innovation: Open, Collaborative, Multi-disciplinary and Global; The Role of Digital Inclusion in Economic and Societal Development; On-line Safety for our Children and Communities; Governance and Evaluation of Data; Comprehensive Insider Threat Management; Securing the Multimedia Web Experience; Sharing knowledge to communicate more effectively: rethinking the UN’s intranet; and Workshop on Collaboration Tools, Blogs among others.