Finance and Budget Network

  • Co-chairs: Ms. Chitra Narayanaswamy, Director (Controller), Department of Program Planning and Finance, WIPO, and Mr. Andrew Rizk, Chief Financial Officer, Office of Financial Management, Bureau for Management Services, UNDP
  • Reporting to: High-Level Committee on Management
  • Meeting frequency: Twice a year

The Finance and Budget Network (FBN) is composed of the most senior financial managers of each CEB member Organization. It is responsible for formulating policy advice and strategic guidance in respect of finance and budget related issues of common concern to UN System organizations. Its paramount goal is to improve efficiency and effectiveness in financial practices across the System and fostering knowledge sharing on best practices.

The FBN is responsible for proposing and approving joint approaches and streamlining of processes for financial and budgetary matters in line with best practices and benchmarks recognized by member Organizations.

It is the primary forum for continuous dialogue, information and knowledge sharing on financial and budgetary policies and practices across the UN System.

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  • Finance & Budget Network (FBN)

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