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CEBs: UN System Procurement Statistics 17.12.2018

The annual statistical report on United Nations procurement (ASR) provides an overview of procurement in the UN system in support of its operations, projects and programmes. Procurement includes all acquisition through purchase or lease of real property, goods or other products (including intellectual property), works or services, as defined by the UN procurement practitioner’s handbook. The report provides a range of information about the categories of goods and services procured by the UN system, as well as the countries from which these goods and services were procured.

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PN: UN System Procurement Statistics Report - 2006 23.02.2017

The 2006 edition of the Annual Statistical Report sees a number of changes to the report structure that are designed to make the report more succinct and improve its usability. The ASR continues to report on procurement under all sources of funding, while the reporting of procurement under UNDP funding has been discontinued.

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UNRISD News page 23.02.2017
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UNRISD Vacancies 15.06.2016
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UNRISD Annual Report 20.03.2017

This report presents the Institute’s activities for the period January through December 2012, including research, consultative and advisory work, communications and outreach activities and events. It is supplemented by an Administrative and Financial Report. The current reporting period marks the mid-point of UNRISD’s institutional strategy, with the year seeing the consolidation and implementation of activities initiated within a results-based management framework.

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UNRISD on YouTube 15.06.2016
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UNRISD on Twitter 15.06.2016
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United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) 15.06.2016

UNRISD was established in 1963 as an autonomous space within the UN system for the conduct of policy-relevant, cutting-edge research on social development that is pertinent to the work of the United Nations Secretariat; regional commissions and specialized agencies; and national institutions.

Direct access: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)

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United Nations Research Institute for Social Development 18.10.2016

The UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) is an autonomous body of the UN that was established in 1963 by a decision of the Secretary-General (ST/SGB/126) with a mandate to conduct policy-relevant research on pressing issues of social development.

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HLCP: Executive Committee on Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA) 23.02.2017

The establishment of Executive Committees was an important component of the reform process launched by the Secretary-General in early 1997. They comprise the four principal sectoral areas of the Organization's work--Peace and Security, Economic and Social Affairs, Development Operations and Humanitarian Affairs, each with its own designated Convenor.