The mandate of the SCDEP is to ensure that the UN has one consistent and coordinated set of national and regional population and sectoral estimates and projections to be used by all elements of the system and to promote relations with both "data users" and "data producers".

The main areas of collaboration include:

(a) Production and use of coordinated demographic estimates and projections for organizations of the United Nations system and their member States;

(b) Strengthening the United Nations system's database for demographic estimates and projections, maintaining consistency in coverage and timing, regularly updating the estimates and projections and ensuring homogeneity in the presentation of results;

(c) Demographic estimates and projections in the following areas: total population, urban-rural populations, household and family, labour force participation, agriculture and agricultural labour force, literacy and school enrolment.

SCDEP Meetings

SCDEP meets biennially, when the United Nations population and sectoral estimates and projections are updated.

The Chair rotates among participants.