Financial Statitics: CEB/2009/6, CEB/2010/HLCM/6






This chart shows the expenditure of each agency within a country

The chart presents a maximum of 100 values and does not account for any negative values (reversals) reported by organizations. Alternative views of the data are made available in the drop-down menu and drill-down links are provided when available. Please ensure that the desired reporting year is selected.

Agency Year Country Expenditure
UNICEF 2016 Burundi 34,590,826
WFP 2016 Burundi 32,337,872
UNHCR 2016 Burundi 15,674,297
UNDP 2016 Burundi 15,179,582
UNOPS 2016 Burundi 6,659,000
UNFPA 2016 Burundi 6,181,548
IOM 2016 Burundi 5,862,948
FAO 2016 Burundi 4,573,531
WHO 2016 Burundi 2,636,939
UNWOMEN 2016 Burundi 1,605,400
UNIDO 2016 Burundi 778,428
UNAIDS 2016 Burundi 505,410
UPU 2016 Burundi 27,564
ITU 2016 Burundi 27,560

Note: As of 2017, the data includes an additional six entities (CTBTO, ICC, UNCDF, UNFCCC, UNRISD, UNSSC)

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